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Acting Office is a software platform that helps accountants with a one-stop practice management solution.

Acting Office Acting Office

It offers a host of features such as email integration, phone integration, task management, timesheets, deadline reminders, canned messages, data storage etc. All these features ensure seamless management of all client related tasks and data. The best part is that, being cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere providing added flexibility.

Email integration

Allows you to receive and send emails directly from the Acting Office app (instead of gmail/outlook). Your client communication history gets organised like never before with the automatic mapping of the emails to the particular client.

Email Integration
Phone Integration

Phone integration

Ensures that you have a record of each incoming/outgoing call for every client. You can add a summary note to each call, so that you don't need to listen the recording for any important matter that was discussed, which significantly enhances the efficiency of team members.

Task management

Helps you set up tasks (recurring or standalone) for time-bound and efficient handling of clients' affairs. You can choose the priority level for each task and they will be presented accordingly on your dashboard.

Task Management


Performance analysis is a very important element for large practices with multiple staff members, many times based in different geographical locations. Our timesheet feature not only lets your staff feed in details of the work they've done, but it also smartly finds out their actual devotion of work on a specific task through automation.

Deadline reminders

A missed deadline is an accountant's worst nightmare, but you don't need to worry about this as Acting Office helps you receive the deadline reminders exactly as per your customised needs and always keeps you on top of the filing compliances.

Deadline reminders
Canned messages

Canned messages

A lot of accountant emails look the same for example, a quote for your services, a confirmation email after filing the accounts, a checklist of the information that you need from a client. We understand this completely and hence, offer you an option to customise your own canned messages for each of such actions and then use them to save time whilst ensuring accuracy; attaining the much needed peace of mind.

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